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Encord Pte Ltd is a valve supply company with focus on product application and service to customers. We see ourselves as solution providers to partner our customers such that every valve supplied is selected, sized and configured to meet their requirements in the best way... more >>

Water Treatment
- Processes for Reverse Omosis Ultra and Micro Filtrations
- Very Large size valves to dn 2000 ; Pneumatic and Electric Actuated Control Valves
- Specialised Process valves ; Pressure and Flow control systems
- Valves for Slurry / Lime Solution Handling , Chorination, Sand Filters ; DI water
- High Pressure valves in RO for Desalination - Super Duplex Materials in ANSI CL600
Oil & Gas
- Severe Duty Control valves for High Press and Temp, Emission Controls and Cryogenic for LNG
- Quick Closing Blinds and Butterfly for Flares and Steam Crackers
- Safety relief systems, flame arrestor, bursting discs and PV Valves
- Double block and bleed, True Conduit Slab Gate, Quick Closing Check, Surge Relief and Rotary Ball Control valves
- High Performance Butterfly ( Hastelloy and 317L ) for Gas, Pulp and Paper production
- Class Approved and Chemical Butterfly valves in Ballast, Chemical & Oil Cargo, Fuel, Mud and Etc
- Class requirements cetifications testings and system knowhow for FPSO, Rigs and Platforms
- Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuations for remote valve actuations - using Bus network
- Exotic Materials for Sea water and Chemicals handling / Fire Protection
- Pressure Relief / Vacuum and Inert Gas Safety Systems for tanks
- High Pressure Valves for Power stations, Refinery and Petrochemicals
- Complete solutions for Turbine Bypass , Pressure Reduction and Steam Conditioning
- Steam trappings, Safety Relief and Condensate recovery.
- Boiler Pressure, Desuperheating and Level controls.
- Feed water, Auto recirculation and Safety Relief Systems
Palm Oil Industry
- Standard refining process to specialised process for oleochemical and biodiesel
- Hi Temp, fire safe and vacuum process using ball , bellow sealed, 2 and 3 way Control valves
- Pressure Vacuum, Falme arrestor, and N2 blanketing Systems
- Special design ( with Bellow sealed ) and high acidic resistant ( High Mo ) metals ( SS 317L and Hastelloy )
Semi Con/ Electronics
- Process water, Cooling water, Gas and Air Lines.
- Waste water, Ultra Pure Water Systems and Pure Gases.
- Complete valves package for HVAC Plant ( FCC and MAU units )
- Balancing valves up to Dn400
General Industry
- Polished Surface Butterfly for Phama and Knife Gate Vavles for controls and diversions
- Specialised requirements to FDA, light weight and Abrasion application
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